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NASA Mercury Spacesuit

NASA's Mercury Spacesuit!
Easily one of my favorite looking spacesuits from NASA, the reflective foil material and the slimness of the suit itself gives off major sci-fi vibes.

This project was made during our 3rd personal project at school where we have 4 weeks to complete a project from scratch. I challenged myself to try and achieve as much of the look as possible in the actual sculpt and let the bake do a lot of the heavy lifting. I used Clo3D for the base of the body and gloves, which I then sculpted on in zbrush. All hard surface parts were modelled in Blender. I also wanted to practice more with how to achieve different materials in the spec/gloss workflow with this project.

Around 70K tris overall, Spec/Gloss workflow with 4K texture for the body, 1K texture for the gloves and 2K texture for the helmet.
Creds for the Earth asset:
Creds for the CZ Shadow:

Finally special thanks to the people who have helped out a lot during this project: (my supervisor) for overall help and feedback. and for feedback during texturing and rendering.

Highpoly rendered in Toolbag

Highpoly rendered in Toolbag